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What is Cooktime

Cooktime is a recipe search engine that find recipes with advanced filters like ingredients, categories and keywords.

Why should I submit my site to Cooktime

We help you increase the traffic to your site. We do not host the full recipes, just a small part of the description and the image of the recipe. The user has to visit your site to read the full recipe.

What if I want my site's content removed

If your content is hosted by a 3rd party which is indexed in Cooktime you should contact the 3rd party and ask him remove your content. We do not take legal responsibility for content published on external websites.
If you want your site not to by indexed any more by us please contact us at [email protected].

Το Cooktime είναι μια μηχανή αναζήτησης συνταγών που βρίσκει συνταγές με ειδικά φίλτρα αναζήτησης όπως υλικά, κατηγορίες και λέξεις-κλειδιά.
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