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Spanakorizo - Spinach Rice


1/4 cup of olive oil or just cover pan bottom. Brown one cup of dried onions chopped. I used frozen. You use whatever you have. I used a box of frozen spinach. Saved me the washing time. You must rinse your fresh spinach several times or you will have a crunchy sandy bite. I use 1 cup fresh dill chopped and 2/3 cups of scallions. 1 cup rice. (reg white) I add 2 cups of water in the beginning, because I do not like overcooked rice. If rice does needs more add towards the end or if you do not mind add three cups of water. Start of medium high heat and lower and cover pot after you add rice and water. This should not take you more than an hour. Sprinkle with feta or add more salt. I added oregano to feta. Extra feta was for table, sprinkled with olive oil and oregano. I added good old salt and pepper. You are free to use lemon pepper or garlic salt. I serve with loads of lemon and will add extra virgin olive oil if it dries out on me. This is delicious and easy, Enjoy!

Επιπεδο Δυσκολιας: Μετριο

Επιπεδο Δυσκολιας: Μετριο

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